1. Maria Schneider

    Hello, I really enjoyed this article and would like to print it off so as to reread its contents because it is so rich and profound.
    Would it be possible to perhaps send it to me via email in a Word document or a .pdf file format for easier printing?
    My private email address is mentioned, of course (uema_schneider@yahoo.fr).
    Thank you very much & God bless you!
    * Maria S. *

    1. Lola LB

      The easiest way to do this is to get Evernote, and install the browser plugin. Click on the Evernote icon, and select “Simplified” article. This will save just the article itself, stripping out the left and right columns. You can then print it out.

      Or, just position your mouse over “Two”, hi light the article down to the last footnote, then right-click and select “Copy” and paste into a new Word document.

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