1. Dorothy Allen

    Thank you, Father Silouan, for this well-researched article. Your scholarship is appreciated.

  2. Thank you, Father Silouan, for crafting such a splendid article. The tension between abstraction and ‘naturalism’ within the icon tradition is an extremely important and current issue. It is a subject that needs to be addressed dispassionately, with assertions backed by examples, and this you do superbly. This debate is important not least because a sound theological and aesthetic foundation is required if we are to see an authentic iconography develop in our times, one that is neither copiest nor with innovations discordant with life in Christ.
    Aidan Hart

  3. Thank you Father Silouan, for your insight, authority and clarity. Your contemplations – and your ability to communicate in words as well as in your art are a timeless and priceless gift to me as an aspiring contemporary iconographer with a Fine Arts background, working on my MFA. Thank you again for bringing your insight, research and experience into the light. Your work helps me continue to find my place, thank you again. Grateful to OAJ for continuing this resource and to my priest, Fr Antoni Perdomo in Pharr, Texas for introducing this resource to me years ago.

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