The purpose of the project is to make available online a collection of graphic illustrations of the highest quality. The collection will focus on iconographic drawings and related graphic ornaments stylistically suited to the illumination of printed Orthodox publications. The project will address the needs of Orthodox book designers, graphic artists, and many others, who desire excellent imagery for their publications.

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Raster & Vector: What's the Difference?

Raster images are offered at a high - yet limited - resolution. These images will work well for most uses. They can be scaled down but they cannot be scaled up without losing image quality, which is why we also offer them as vector images.

Vector images are able to be scaled as large as is needed without any loss of image quality, though they may need to be "rasterized" – converted to a raster image at the desired resolution – before printing, depending on the final method and medium.

The Images


Raster or Vector

Bars, Headers, and Full-Page Ornaments

Raster or Vector


Raster or Vector

Churches & Village Life

Raster or Vector

Divine Liturgy

Raster or Vector


Raster or Vector

Small Ornaments