1. This article is progressing wonderfully. I have always been tempted to use McLuhan as a kind witness to traditional art. He was, few people seem to remember, a convert to Catholicism critiquing modernity, rather than only the “Wired” hipster version we get of him in post-modern logorrhea on media. Unlike Benjamin who’s thesis on the mechanical was framed in revolutionary terms, McLuhan was appalled… another interesting traditional meets post-modern thinker to consider is Paul Virilio, collaborator of Baudrillard who converted to Catholicism as well. His work on speed, scale and the modern state as being fueled by war is quite surprising when you consider his public.

    1. Fr. Silouan Justiniano

      The theorists of the post-modern and media culture might not have all the answers right, but the symptoms they describe are dead-on at times. I find it quite amusing and ironic that those who might not be coming from a traditional worldview, and even revolt against it, nevertheless, in describing the contemporary malaise, unconsciously betray a nostalgia for a social environment that is more spiritually healthy, humane- theocentric. I will have to look at the work of Paul Virilio. Thanks.

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