1. Kathleen Holmberg

    I am Roman Catholic who came to love, perhaps not understand, Icons in 1950. With what available to me since then, I have tried to educate myself in the philosophy, theology and the writing of Icons. This is the first in-depth study that seems to bring it altogether for me. I see many hours of study and reflection ahead for me on this superb article.

  2. Thank you, Fr. Silouan, for this fascinating and monumental study. You reveal a nuanced middle way of addressing the problem of style in icons. There have been some who claim that Byzantine style is what makes an image an icon. But there are others who claim that style is completely separate from the meaning and subject of icons – that style is only important as a matter of liturgical decorum.

    But you show clearly that style, though secondary to the overt meaning of an icon, is not without symbolic meaning of its own, and that it is a key component to the spiritually realistic depiction of saints.

    This essay should be required reading for any student of Orthodoxy or iconography!

  3. […] night, my friend sent me a link to the article ‘The Pictorial Metaphysics of the Icon’ (Don’t let the title scare you). While the article is more specifically talking about icons, […]

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