1. Kathleen Holmberg

    Thank you ,Aidan Hart, for this excellent article.

  2. Irina Gorbounova

    Dear Aidan,

    We are glad to see this article touching a very important area of iconography practice.

    Now you can use also the English version of ‘Truth and Fable’ which we have put into the public domain via http://mmekourdukova.livejournal.com/467108.html.

    Irina + Michael

    1. Paul Stetsenko

      Thank you, Irina, for translating the book. I have read it in Russian, and it the most significant work in the field; brilliant in fact, pure genius! Everyone should read it, and many will run screaming for cover upon reading it, God willing.

  3. Aidan

    Thank you, Kathleen, Irina and Michael. It is a little offering which I hope will stimulate contributions from others on the subject.


  4. Christopher Armstrong-Stevenson

    Aidan Hart:

    I very much appreciate your occasional papers on iconography…including this one and I look forward to the remaining part(s).

    I want to share this with others, in print form, as I have with previous papers of yours; however when I tried printing it out on letter-size paper, the pagination registration didn’t work and the images were often cut in two and printed on separate pages, or else were “collapsed” into only partial images. Is it possible for you to have these pages worked to conform to normal US letter-size paper?

    I know you to be English so perhaps you wrote this in England where paper standard sizes are different from those in the USA, which is where I am trying to print them. I would very much appreciate your help.

    Thank you…and thank you for this article.

  5. Anne Ryan

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful information.

  6. Thank you, Aidan.

    Your articles are food for thought. I am publishing the two links in my American Association Of Iconographers Blog. I so much value your scholarship and contribution.

  7. Paul Stetsenko

    Everyone should read Irina Gorbunova’s book “Truth and Fables.” It is the best inoculation from the fantasies of the iconology.

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