1. It is really a breath of fresh air to see these vestments. I am really enjoying one of the main impressions running through your pieces, of how beauty does not equate a kind of aesthetic purity, nor is it outright chaos, but it is found in the “breathing” space that handles a type of layering and accident within a traditional and liturgical framework. This is a very balanced and human view of church art. The vestments here really shame what we see in most churches now!

  2. Thank you very much, Andrew, for this enlightening article. It seems to me that the vestments pictured – so obviously hand-made – have a sort of unique and reverent quality of “warmth” to them. Beautiful!

  3. Davis d'Ambly

    A wonderful piece – with remarkably beautiful vestments. Thanks Andrew!

  4. […] few readers have sent in links to this particular article written by Andrew Gould and found on the Orthodox Arts Journal. The article — part of a larger series on the “the integrated expression of all the […]

  5. Karen Hetherington

    This article warms my heart. Having everything matching smacks so much of interior design that it kills the soul. I’d prefer church fittings and fabrics to be made with love, care and prayers than to be a perfectly matching set with no hint of humanity. I can’t stand a lot of the modern fabrics. They look synthetic and act synthetic. If we understood that we didn’t need different colours for different times, then we could manage with a minimal amount of good quality, well made and hand made things.

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