1. Very Rev. John P. Bambrick

    Thank you Aidan Hart for these two excellent and informative articles. As a novice writer of Icons they are much appreciated to help deepen reflection and improve technique. An excellent patient teacher is also required I am blessed with a real time one and even sometimes one on the internet! Thanks to OAJ, always informative.

  2. Liana

    Thank you for this profound study from both artistic and theological point of view! I would like to suggest that you also consider historical dimensions of Russian theological thought, including various atheist and agnostic influences on Byzantine an Old Russian studies; your so interesting point on transfiguration and dematerialisation has something to do with atheist ideas of icon as something silent or death in museums (although beautiful and well decorating temples as art interesting for tourists and abroad) vs church idea of icon as something live and communicating holly message even to the extend of disturbing your prayers (as in some other religious traditions); I also hope that works of prof. Mitrovich come out in English (besides the so interesting and substancial dialogue that you have started in the interview); his manual is precisely focused on the topic of teaching (and it is not as polemical as his thesis, as his works, and as most of works on iconography); it is good work to refer to, because there are a lot of distinguished theoretical and practical decisions based on iconographic part of church tradition, which is not supposed to be read, but perceived directly and only recently it can be accessed in its real scale and without cultural borders and heritage controversies

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