1. virginiaabraham@tiscali.co.uk

    Dear Johnathan, Thank you for your interesting video. I am an artist, my work so far has been a response to my life; so my art has meaning for me. taken in isolation it
    would appear random. In the journey of life I find myself at the crossroads where I am
    contemplating exactly what it is to be the intrerface between objectively expressing
    the outer and the inner; their relationship to one another ; and the part I must play in
    their form, The love arises in my engagement of materials that best describe the truth,and form of living with a purpose. I admire your very beautiful work, each piece individual yet coming together like the words forming a sentince.
    I thank you for your encouragement of the christian arts, I believe there are many parts that will in time come together also . Many thanks, Best wishes, Virginia.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Virginia. I wish you the best in your own working out of all these questions.

  3. Kate

    Bravo! Thank you for an insightful presentation on liturgical art. I understand better now why I feel so enfolded when I am at Liturgy. Your talk hit on so many key concepts for me. Keep up the good work!

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