1. Vaailiki

    The Holy Spirit moves as He wills for humanity; Peterson has been invited to do what many of our Theologians are not doing.

    1. Joseph Lynchard

      That is an awesome comment

  2. Thank you, Jonathan! We are VERY excited that you, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dr. John Patrick and the men from Oregon’s Duchovny Dom Monastery will come Friday October 27 and 28, 2017 and speak at our Seattle “The Truth Will Set You Free” Conference.

  3. Burl Horniachek

    The series on the pathologies of the centre and periphery, with examinations of the centre in Guardians of the Galaxy and transition in Shrek, have gone very well. Looking forward to your finishing it off with a video on the pathologies of the periphery.

    That might be a good place to stop though, unless you feel really inspired about something. The pieces on Star Wars and, especially, The Babadook were, I felt, rather slight.

    1. Thanks for the critique. When I made the Guardians one, I was afraid it was too long and so I then aimed at making them shorter, but then the others didn’t get as many views, so… I will probably deal with the margin in a few videos, because it is the most prominent issue today. Margin as seduction, as subversion, as fragmentation, as invasion, as inversion and carnival, there are many aspects to look at which can help us understand the world we live in today.

  4. Julie Gould

    Happy Nameday, Jonathan! When you bring Christ to (Dr.) Jordan, the monsters in the deeps tremble and the floodwaters of chaos are turned back.

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