1. Love ‘The King of Glory”……..!!xx

  2. […] I’m deeply appreciative that the Orthodox Arts Journal published the article, and also for the beautiful editor’s comment that Jonathan Pageau wrote introducing myself and my work to the community. You can read the article here: https://orthodoxartsjournal.org/symeon-van-donkelaar-local-color-in-icons/ […]

  3. Dear brother, what a wholehearted exegesis straight to the point. I myself have been harvesting the benefits of “limited pallette” in my everyday work (I work mostly on a large scale Orthodox Church interior projects, much less so panel icons); Until now, I didn’t know that somebody living today- could bring things to this lvl…

    Also compliments to editor’s intro – in a very few words, you explained the state in which the contemporary “copticstyle” iconography currently is.

  4. Thank you, Symeon, for sharing your beautiful way of craft-life with us. In this age, almost everything is de-sacramentalized. The appearance and meaning of things are separated from their material reality. This is especially true of icons (I’m referring to printed icons particularly, but also icons painted poorly or from industrial materials). How refreshing it is to read about your process, wherein the materials, rather than the artist, are ‘in-charge’. There is godly humility to that which we can all learn from.

  5. Mimi Games

    Some years back I was at a workshop led by the remarkable iconographer Ksenia Petrovsky, . We were sitting outside on a hillside on a break when Ksenia noticed the soil on the bank beneath us and immediately began digging a clump of the reddish ochre clay. She said would take it home and filter and process it because to seemed to have interesting attributes. It is good to hear of another person recognizing the bounty of the earth.

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