A Beautiful Church for Holy Cross Monastery in West Virginia by Andrew Gould - With great pleasure, I have developed a design for a new church for the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in West Virginia. In many ways, this design is the culmination of 15 years of thought, research, and experimentation on my part, and encapsulates the best of my ideas for Orthodox church design. I would like… ... Continue reading »

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Fr Gregory Kroug – An Exhibition Honoring the 50th Anniversary of his Repose by Seraphim O'Keefe -   The Exhibition In late June, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a week in Paris, attending an exhibition in honor of the 50th anniversary of the repose of iconographer monk Gregory Kroug. The event ran from May 14th through June 30th, and included a curated exhibition of Kroug’s iconography displayed in the… ... Continue reading »

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Byzantine Music is Choral Music by Richard Barrett - Some years ago, a singer who was primarily active in Russian Orthodox choral music pulled me aside at a church music event. “Can I be honest with you about something?” this person said to me. “I don’t understand Byzantine music. To me, it looks like it’s either a soloist or a group of mostly men;… ... Continue reading »

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Minor Arts

A Constellation of Chandeliers – Some Recent Lighting Projects by Andrew Gould - I have written some articles in the past about large choros chandeliers that I have designed and installed. But today, I’d like to introduce a number of other lighting projects: individual or unusual fixtures, chandeliers in interesting places, and other pieces I’ve had the pleasure of making. I will start with a recent chandelier I… ... Continue reading »

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On Pronouncing Saints’ Names in English by Hieromonk Herman (Majkrzak) - At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow … and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.       —Phil. 2:10, 11 I You might remember the old song in which a man and woman argue about pronunciation. “You like potayto and I like potahto; you like tomayto and I like… ... Continue reading »

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Andrew Gould Featured in New Book and New Website - Andrew Gould, founder of the Orthodox Arts Journal, has been featured in a new work by popular architectural writer Witold Rybczynski. The author of over twenty bestselling books, Rybczynski’s latest work is called Charleston Fancy: Little Houses and Big Dreams in the Holy City. The book is a history of Charleston architecture, told through the… ... Continue reading »
Worship in the Workshop: Providing Opportunities to Raise the Bar - The joke is at times heard that in the chapels of some of our seminaries, they “don’t worship but workshop.” The sense of this witticism is that what happens in their services is experimentation with rubrics, texts, service order, with an impulse towards “reform.” Over the course of this last summer, however, I was blessed… ... Continue reading »

Artist Features

Benedict Sheehan: Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (2018) - Liturgical Music in America Liturgical music is closely bound up with the people that sing it. Language, history, culture, experience, education, social class, all of these things shape the sound-world of worship. The people that founded Orthodox parishes in America more than a century ago—for the most part, immigrants from Russia, Greece, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East—brought their music with them, and in doing so they formed the foundations of an Orthodox musical tradition in this country. But the people who built these foundations are, of course, no longer with us. Even their grandchildren are no longer with us. The Orthodox faithful who populate our churches today are now, in many cases, people with a different language (often English), a different history, a different sense of culture, and who lead different lives. While there are now many wonderful Orthodox composers working in America today, the distinctive voices of these people—our people—have yet to be widely and clearly reflected in the Church’s worship. Orthodox communities have only gradually made the transition to worshiping in English over the last 50 years (some still don’t use English), so it’s not surprising that music is still catching up. It’s… ... Continue reading »

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Orthodox Illustration Project

The purpose of this project is to make available online a collection of graphic illustrations of the highest quality. The collection will focus on iconographic drawings and related graphic ornaments stylistically suited to the illumination of printed Orthodox publications. The project will address the needs of Orthodox book designers, graphic artists, and many others, who desire excellent imagery for their publications.

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