1. Ivan P

    Any chance you could update that Dropbox link so that it’s not routed through Facebook (for us Facebook non-users)?

    1. Oh, sure, didn’t realize it was doing that. Try it now.

  2. Thomas Dalliot

    I love it! It is wonderful to see Orthodoxy reconnecting with her western preschism saints.
    Perhaps one day “the last Orthodox king of England” – Harold Godwinson – can be glorified and honored in such a way!

    1. It would be worth doing! Also, as an Anglo-Dane in an eparchy of the EP, I sometimes half-jokingly refer to myself as a member of the Varangian Guard; I just discovered that there is a saint named Theodore the Varangian. My son is named Theodore after St. Theodore the General; maybe that’s worth considering, too.

      I also have an idea for St. Patrick. There are various iterations of offices for him, but nothing in English that really corresponds to what I’ve done for St. Richard, not in the same way. We’ll see.


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