On History and Tradition: A Review of Cappella Romana's "Good Friday in Jerusalem"

For makers of music, history, by its mere existence, presents challenges. A recent headline in the Onion ran, “Nation’s Historians Warn The Past Is Expanding At Alarming Rate.” While we can smile at the joke, there’s a way in which the specter of an “ever-enlarging past” does really keep musicians up at night. Every Western composer since Beethoven has […]

A Reflection on Arvo Pärt's "Kanon Pokajanen"

On June 2, Saint Vladimir’s Seminary’s ambitious Arvo Pärt Project wrapped up with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performing Arvo Pärt’s Kanon Pokajanen (1997) in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Temple of Dendur. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, under the direction of Maestro Tõnu Kaljuste, is one of the world’s premier choirs, and their performance that night […]

The Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons

One of the best websites/blogs devoted to iconology on the internet is a blog called The Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons.  This blog is done anonymously and is truly a wonderful storehouse of information on icons, their typology, symbolism and spiritual significance.  The tone of the blog is extremely warm and non-polemical, addressing most of the […]