1. Thank you, Fr. Silouan, for a fine review. I eagerly await Hart’s new book.

  2. Hierodeacon Parthenios

    Excellent review, Fr. Silouan!

  3. Baker Galloway

    Moving along into a discussion of “threshold art,” given that it serves to enrich our lives and point us in the direction of the sacred (if not connect us to it directly) I suppose the discussion may get a bit subjective and non-academic right off the bat because what enriches my life might not enrich yours – you might find it offensive. We’re not going to have a canon of threshold art because one of the operating modes of this art is to overturn money-changing tables in the court temples, if you will. It makes us uncomfortable. I believe Chesterton said something like, “It is the peculiar call of the artist to remind us that we have each forgotten the name written on our deep heart.” And even when threshold art is not being provocative I suppose it is highly cultural and highly personal, which is good.

    However, I would like to submit some names for your consideration of folks I believe operate in this threshold. Perhaps you will find something enriching for yourself, perhaps not. Those of you who are smarter than me can take this discussion back to academia if you want. I’m going dancing 🙂

    Literature: Wendell Berry, Flannery O’Connor, Scott Cairns

    Music: Sufjan Stevens, Arvo Pärt, CHVRCHES

    Photography: Michael A Muller (http://www.michael-muller.com)

    Painting: no comment for now. Peace.

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