The Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons

By Jonathan Pageau on September 16, 2013

One of the best websites/blogs devoted to iconology on the internet is a blog called The Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons.  This blog is done anonymously and is truly a wonderful storehouse of information on icons, their typology, symbolism and spiritual significance.  The tone of the blog is extremely warm and non-polemical, addressing most of the questions someone might have on icons.

I am certain most of our readers are aware of this blog, though for those who are not yet acquainted with it, I strongly suggest a visit.

Even in regards to my own posts here, I have found some quite wonderful complementary articles looking at some of the issues I have been discussing through other angles and with much detail.

For example, in one of my articles on the Right and Left hand symbolism, I discuss the blessing hand of Christ and saints as a development of Roman signs of address, well the Reader’s Guide has a nice concise article explaining this origin, even giving an illustration of old Roman orator hand signs.

There is also a very interesting complement to my article on The Serpents of Orthodoxy  which discusses a certain miracle of snakes venerating icons in Greece.  In it there are many nice quotes of the Fathers on serpents.


Snakes venerating icons in Greece.




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