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  2. Baker Galloway


    Friendly reminder to all:
    The world doesn’t need hagiography; it needs contemporary living holy people.

    The former is helpful, but not ultimately convincing as it will not have an air of authenticity in a climate that is devoid of living proofs that these are not fairy tales.

    So c’mon, y’all!

  3. I don’t agree. There are contemporary living holy people. However, without hagiography, they tend to appear as madmen or even deviants. Anyone who doesn’t know about the lives of the desert fathers will read Elder Ephraim’s biography of Elder Joseph (My Life with Elder Joseph), for example, and think that the whole thing is made up, there are so many encounters with demons in a style very reminiscent of hagiography. So, yeah, we need holy men, but we need hagiography just as much. See my next week’s post on why we shouldn’t be so quick to use the term “fairy tale” in a derogatory manner, by the way. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Baker Galloway

      But the world doesn’t read hagiography. Yes of course, hagiography is an integral part of the nurturing life in the Church. I’m being brash.

      I really like your thought that hypocrisy is the inevitable result of complacency. Comfort -> Complacency -> Hypocrisy -> A. Urgent Need for Holy Fools / Saints / Prophets, or B. Rebellion of the Young Members of Christ’s Body.

      I’m just saying.

      Glad I gave you some ammo for next week’s article 🙂

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