1. Virginie Desjardins

    I loved this article.

  2. So beautiful to see how the color blue worn by Christ in the painting came from deep relationship to the earth, the generations, culture as in music (David and Goliath), and culture as in passing on traditions (teaching the children), and culture as in technique (the many steps towards creating the blue worth to be worn by Christ). I can now understand more deeply how Pageau is connected on both sides: the one side being how he explains his art is always part of ritual (not apart from life as a modern painting hanging on a wall) and on the other side how the components of his art come from deep connection to earth, to generations, and to the spirit that connects to the transcendant. Thank you, Pageau.

  3. I loved everything about this video. Seeing the natural way that colors are made is truly inspiring…thanks for sharing! PS. Loved the Goliath song too!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kellie. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing a bit about the story behind this blue. And, I also loved the spontaneous rendition of the Goliath song which my children beautifully provided.

  4. How incredible!!!! Could you please write me directly as I would like to chat a bit more about your efforts. WONDERFUL~!!!!!

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