1. […] Art from Catalonia https://orthodoxartsjournal.org/medieval-art-from-catalonia/Tuesday, Nov 27th 7:00 amclick to expand…Obama’s Soviet Mistake […]

  2. […] few weeks ago, I posted a short piece on the Catalonia Museum and some beautiful icons, frescoes and objects that show the amazing unity between Orthodox Art […]

  3. Josh Cole

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Love the site!

    Don’t those four beasts represent the Gospel writers? I feel like that’s the case in the Book of Kells, no?

    1. Jonathan Pageau

      Yes, the four beasts represent the four evangelists, although they also represent four aspects of Christ. They are usually represented surrounding the Christ in Glory in Orthodox art, in Western art they sometimes surrount the Mystical Lamb, and as you can see here, rarely you can see them surrounding the Virgin and Child.

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