1. Please illuminate a humble non-Orthodox: what is the sphere that angels in icons are sometimes holding?

    1. The globe is a representation of the cosmos. Christian emperors often held a globe in their left hand, a globe with a cross like this one, as a symbol of their power. On the globe are the initials Χ Δ Κ (for Christ [Χρίστος] Just [Δίκαιος] Judge [Κριτής]). This particular inscription is quite rare in the globe.

      1. Thank you, very interesting.

  2. It would be a kindness for those of us who loved Ksenia Pokrovski of Blessed Memory if you would please update your artist list. She died in July.

    Her work will continue to be taught at workshops through her daughter Anna Gouriev, and her excellent student and teacher, Marek Czarnecki.

    To check this information please go to Hexaemeron.com.
    Thank you.

    Would you also look at my website Prayerfulicons.com to see if I qualify be one of your artists.
    a sinner and a pilgrim,
    Bess Chakravarty

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