1. Very nice. congratulation.
    See this:

  2. Maureen McCormick

    Beautiful work! Glory to God!

  3. Total football coach! 😉 Beautiful work Jonathan! Any classes in Chicago soon? God bless and glory to God for your teaching and talent!

    1. Hello Father, you are the second person to ask me this today. If you can muster enough participants…

  4. Ruth

    When is your next class?
    What kind of wood do you use ?

    1. The next classes start in May of 2014 in CA, but will be given in 3 other places. For more details check: http://www.hexaemeron.org/#!carving/c18bb The wood used in classes is linden/basswood. It is the easiest to carve.

  5. Mother Galina

    I found this site through AFR! I have been carving off and on for 18 years! Self taught also and I would love to be able to come to a class! When is the next class in the Northeast U.S.A.?
    thanks…beautiful work! God Bless your hands!

    1. Thank you for your comment. There is one training in CT, June 8th-14th, other dates can be found here: http://www.hexaemeron.org/#!carving/c18bb

  6. This is an amazing workshop. To me, it felt more like retreat, quiet and prayerful while most participants were making Christ visible in the world.

    We were blessed by having Jonathan to be our teacher and guide. His way of listening to questions was totally attentive and serious. However, he could make us all laugh.

    I am looking forward to May. I am still working on my soapstone,refining it, learning about soft surfaces and sharp undercut lines. I still have polishing to go. I have to catch up on my egg tempra icons so I am slow. It is a good kind of slow.

    Thank you, Jonathan, Glory to God

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bess. I am happy to know I will see you at the next workshop, and don’t forget to send me pictures of your carving as you finish it!

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