1. Gale

    This work is amazing. Thank you for your research and for sharing it with us. My hat is off to these gifted liturgical artists.

  2. Terry Cowan

    This is incredible. I visit Georgia every year. Do you know the location of the last church pictured (with the gryphons), or of the shrine? Also, do you have the links for any of the artisans referenced in this article? Last May, I saw an example of a beautiful new church in Samtredia, incorporating design elements from the classic ruined 9-10th century ruined churches of Tao Klarjeti in Turkey that we had just visited. Thanks again for sharing this.

    1. The artisans can mostly be found on facebook. I have found David Kidhasheli to be generous in his communications, but for many of the other artists, English is a barrier. It seems the church with the Gryphons is St. Nino’s Church in Tsagveri, southeast of Borjomi, in Samtskhe-Javakheti.

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