1. Jansci

    An awesome organic creation.

  2. I really love this project. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of virtuosic icon painting which seems to be about showing off the painter’s skills. But this painting has an honest robust quality – the sort of character you find in good-hearted country folk. It is such a perfect complement to this humble and yet really beautiful chapel in a rural setting. The more I look at this painting, the more it sticks with me, like something natural and inevitable – artwork without ego. That’s a quality I don’t often find in contemporary work. It’s a great achievement.

    1. Hélène Bléré

      I am very touched by your comment. Beyond your compliments I sense that you have perceived in which direction my iconographic work moves, that is, not searching for technical accomplishments but to render the image as simple as the biblical text which it refers to. And this chapel is very simple, far from the architectural complexes (or intricate structures) of the great cities. Thank you for having welcomed the publication of this project in your journal.

  3. Nestling harmoniously amidst the surrounding landscape, this architectural gem of a chapel is fittingly embraced by Hélène Bléré’s glorious frieze, a labour of love and image of Heaven upon earth. Thank you.

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