1. this is nonsense

    1. “The way of heaven is round, and the way of earth is square.”
      Huainan zi, 2nd century BC Chinese prince.

  2. Baker Galloway

    Sweet article, Jonathan.

    Can I ask you a question about the globus cruciger? Is the same meaning present when angels are holding one? Is there any difference in meaning when this orb in an angel’s hand has no equator line or meridians connecting the poles but simply looks like a planet or moon with the XP or similar inscription? What about when the globe is transparent and actually looks quite like a flat semi-transparent plate – does that refer to a different set of meanings, or is it just a different style?

    Thanks very much.

    1. I think it is the same. We need to understand the globe as a type of totality of space, we could call it potential space. If you look at the famous icon of st-Michael with the translucent globe, there is an Alpha-Omega on it, which relates the notion of a totality of space with totality of time. But when you see angels holding the globe, it is mostly to show how the angel is an extension of divine glory and power. The globus is first and foremost a symbol of power, a symbol of the left hand, and must be seen as complementing the staff, scepter or sword in the right hand as symbols of authority in the ancient sense. See my article “Authority on the Right. Power on the Left” I hope this makes sense.

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