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  2. Fr Joseph Lucas

    This style is similar (albeit more complex than) a folk technique used in parts of Romania. I have inherited a few such icons with painted faces/hands, with the remainder embroidered and accented by some beads and other ornaments.

  3. Bazarov Igor

    Thank you for the wonderful post. Its great. All icons are beautiful!!! Angelika Artemenko is the unique master.

  4. Absolutely stunning work! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. In looking at the iconography, one gets the feeling that the icons are painted by different hands, there are three distinct styles in the presented icons. I wonder if she also covers other people’s work.

  6. Maja

    Beautiful icons!

  7. Bazarov Igor

    Hello! All icons has been created by Angelika Artomenko it 100%. All faces are painted by she’s hand!

    1. Thank you. She is quite versatile.

  8. lana kokayeff

    absolutely breathtaking..

  9. Sona Sarian

    Absolutely exquisite work!

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