1. Given the reality that “any iconographer in the West will find many of their commissions come from sources outside Orthodoxy,” how do you approach the inevitable commissions for non-Orthodox or post-schism saints?

  2. This has in fact happened rarely for me, but when it does I put the inquirer in touch with one of my better Catholic or Anglican students. `

  3. John Mark

    I like the idea of a restrained statuary in our churches. What I mean by restrained, is that our churches ought to be filled with icons and mosaics before we start putting statues in random corners and empty spaces. Placing a beautiful wood statue of the Theotokos behind a candle stand so that the faithful can venerate the statue from a small distance, could ensure that the statue is not taken out of its liturgical context. In addition, we ought to be careful about what kind of statues we would allow in our churches. The hideous, plastic and manufactured statues of Our Lady of Garden Gnomes should never see the light of a candle as are seen in so many modern Catholic churches. In any case, the above carvings are beautiful and worthy of veneration–I would definitely be comfortable venerating them, and would enjoy seeing them in our churches.

  4. Craig Cowing

    As a liberal Protestant pastor I appreciate the best that any religious tradition has to offer. In the case of Orthodoxy it is icons. I write icons for my own use, and have used them at times in worship, which of course is going to take on a different emphasis than it would in Orthodox worship. I would suggest humility, though, in the Orthodox approach to the non-Orthodox when it comes to the increasing Western interest in icons. Yes, Protestants and Roman Catholics increasingly find something of value in Orthodox icons, but it cannot be expected that the tradition of icons will simply be deposited in an unchanged manner into Anglicanism, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. It will change, and Orthodox Christians must accept that in a reciprocal manner. It’s a two-way street.

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