1. Dcn Spyridon

    Ok, love this!
    this is easily a book! please 🙂
    and it would be very interesting to involve previous discussions regarding mechanical reproduction of “liturgical” art into the new metaphors of the robot and mutant…
    but i feel i need something else to complement the juxtaposed duet:
    the robot, the mutant and….?
    the icon?
    the archetype?
    Does anyone really think that we have appropriately responded as Orthodox Christians to the theological challenges, which these syntheses (the robot and the mutant) present to us? This is a good opportunity.
    Godspeed! wish you all the best.

    dcn Spyros

    1. Thank you dcn Spyros. Hopefully I will indeed write a book on this subject, it is something I have entertained, but who has the time? If I knew I have a publisher backing me, I would definitely do it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Gloria Squires

    Jonathan, thank you for giving us such engaging words for contemplation–that we might find ourselves and our art in a place of “mediation,” where acts of love are visibly expressed.

    1. Thank you Gloria. Happy you enjoyed it.

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