1. Excellent article. I remember the Cyprus frescoes that were displayed in the Menil Collection in Houston. They were shown in a minimalist modern, “high tech” framework. It would have been possible to have shown them in a recreation of the actual chapel so visitors could have had an accurate experience. I was always taken aback at how much the Menil chapel impressed non-orthodox visitors and how much praise the architect got. They had a place where candles could be placed – but there was nothing orthodox about it.

    The comments about lighting are important – these days we are used to over lit historic interiors and museum spaces. Curators have many difficult decisions to make these days. Many historic room interiors – are over lit and unnatural.

  2. Baker Galloway

    If anybody is discouraged of the case for the nobility of American craftsmanship by the example photo above of the church in Naknek, Alaska, please overlook the weathered, slight disrepair of that example and take a look at Andrew’s own work for Ss Joseph and Andrew in Candler, NC which is a very fine example: http://www.newworldbyzantine.com/churches/st_joseph.html

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