1. Icons: Not simply windows of transfigured time and space but also the means by which we participate in the actions of the Divine Energies. In the Light of Pascha, we behold the actualisation of both spirit and form.

    1. Of course, dear Steven! Thank you very much.
      With warmest regards,

    2. Most welcome Philip. Christos Anesti! Have you thought of reaching out to the Syrian Greek Catholic community? I have it on good authority that the 91 churches destroyed in the civil war are being rebuilt. Yes 91!

  2. “…they were dreaming of revival of spirit, not form.” How true that is! I feel the biggest challenge facing iconography today is precisely this irrationally conservative and ignorant attachment to forms that were relevant to a certain culture at a certain time, while we ignore our own cultures and times, fragmented as they may be.
    Thank you for this article.

  3. victoria Lovejoy

    fascinated by the article Thank you both. Very struck by the idea of relief gesso. Many possibilities there , so much to think on , so much

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