1. So beautiful. The boldness of the drawing is so strong and the great use of white even in the colored vestments is very successful, far more successful than the pastel colors that are sometimes used to give that impression of light. Moving from saturated color to stark white keeps strong contrast without any darkness. I am curious to the choice of not putting any of the saints’ inscription. It seems the only image with an inscription is the image of Christ. Is there a specific reason for this?

    1. Jonathan, thank you for the great question!
      You are absolutely right: Only Christ has His name inscribed in the Chapel. I did this in order to stress His unique role and place. He is the one who will give new names (Rev. 12:17 and Isaiah, 62:2) to his disciples.
      And finally, most important inscriptions (besides the Name of Christ) are placed below images on the gray band around the Chapel.
      These Bible passages suppose to explain and “name” the composition, in the same way as inscriptions ” Baptism” or “Annunciation” , placed in more “regular” scenes describe them.

  2. James Potthoff

    What a wonderful interview!

    May God bless Vladimir and all who made possible this beautiful monument to the glory of God and the thrice blessed memory of Archbishop Dmitri.

  3. Hugh Cole

    Your talents and abilities never cease to amaze me.

  4. The sign of the cross on the ground intrigues me. Do we know more about this ?
    Canon 73 of the sixth ecumenical council forbade the reproduction of the sign of the cross on the ground.
    Thank you.

    1. Nicolas, thank you for the question.
      As it is clear from the text of the Canon 73, and especially from comments by Zonara and Aristen, the true intent of that rule is to prevent desecration of the Cross, which may happen if cross will be drawn on the floor and people will have no choice but step on it…
      Besides the fact that there are many exemptions from this rule in ancient churches,(especially for gravestones), the Cross in the Chapel is carved over the marble plate which marks the future place for tomb of Archbishop Dmitri.
      Obviously, nobody would step on it neither now, nor in future, where we will replace that little placeholder with larger gravestone with Vladika’s name on it…
      Hope that will help.

      1. Thank you for this precision.

  5. Alex Slepukhof

    Your work continues to illuminate my soul!

    But I do have one question. Are those flowers growing around Archbishop Dmitri’s feet Texas bluebonnets?

  6. Vladimir Grygorenko

    Yes, Alex, you caught me red handed…. Archbishop did love them, and they start to blossom when I was finishing that mural. Besides, these flowers will greet Christ too, isn’t it?

  7. Gale

    It is so beautiful. I am wondering about the peacocks over the doorway. They are beautiful, and they fit the space perfectly. Is there some symbolic meaning, or are they pure whimsy? Whimsy is fine – they are still a wonderful creation of Our Lord!

    1. Vladimir Grygorenko

      Picture here is rather small so it is difficult to see that these birds are actually drinking from the fountain (above the Exit sign)…. peacocks drinking from the fountain are ancient symbol of the Life Everlasting, and by themselves, are just beautiful creatures of God.

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