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  1. Baker Galloway

    I wish every blessing on this work and the thought behind it, and the man behind the thought, and the wife and family behind the man, and the parish communities who have and will collaborate with them; and bless God for these precious vessels.

    Thank you to Seraphim for speaking so eloquently about the participatory role of the commissioners of the icon in the icon’s creation and the interconnectedness of the church artist in the church community.

    The topic of what is needed pastorally by the American viewers of iconography is an immensely fascinating and important topic, and I thank Seraphim for bringing up this pastoral dimension in which the particularities of the viewing audience is of consequence. I feel that the pastoral ministry of iconography not to the worldwide Orthodox audience but rather to a particular family or parish often is painfully absent in discussions of church art.

    Andrew, to your question of the depiction of a deaconess – I have always assumed that the famous mosaic of St. Empress Theodora with Attendants in the San Vitale Basilica in Ravenna depicted her with a deaconess at her left hand followed by the empress’ own sister, and then by other lower attendants. Does anybody know if this is a plausible interpretation of that composition?

    with your prayers,

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