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By Jonathan Pageau on June 6, 2013
A few months ago, we posted an article about a conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Prosopon School of Iconography and Iconology.
The event took place in April of this year in Princeton NJ.  They had 120 people attend, mostly from the US, but also from England, Estonia and Russia.
For those nearby, there is also an exhibit of icons at the Erdman Center on the Princeton Theological Campus, with icons from the Prosopon school masters and students.  This exhibit will show until the end of June.
Many of the talks given at the conference, all revolving around the theme “locating Prosopon”   were filmed and have been posted to the Prosopon website.
Here is the short introduction to the conference by Lynnette Hull who graciously sent us the information above.
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