1. Michael

    Beautiful article! Thank you. I love the way you weave the connections to Adam and Noah as well as your selections of art for the article. The paradoxes, reversals and inversions you walk us through really captured my attention. Very well done – I really enjoyed this piece. And Jonathan, your carved icon… whoa…beautiful and inspiring.

    1. Thank you Michael.

  2. Baker Galloway

    Jonathan, very lovely.

    I like that in your composition you used a more intuitive left-to-right composition for Jonah emerging from the mouth of the monster and bringing his prayer/prophecy to the city. This is an improved arrangement compared to the fresco you cite, which has Jonah basically emerging in the center, towards us the viewer. Your monster propels Jonah towards the city while the fresco’s monster is simply being shed off like a skin, leaving Jonah on the beach and recoiling back into the water. I find your composition more meaningful and inspiring.

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