1. Michael

    Congratulations on your completed statue. I had the privilege of visiting the atelier in Nov 2013 with Dick Temple, when you two were making all that marble dust, and I was very impressed by the final result in Lincoln Cathedral.

    It’s nice to hear the background on your coming to your current position. May you have many years in this artistic endeavor.


    1. Martin Earle

      I remember your visit to the dusty studio well. I trust that you are well, and that the icon hunting is continuing successfully! Martin

  2. Scott Yonkin

    I am Orthodox ( a convert as well) and I have admired that Byzantine statue from the first time I saw it on line. When I saw the statue in Lincoln I was hoping to purchase a small home version of that statue but have not seen this available from the church store. The new statue that you have carved is even more beautifull. How can these be purchased for my home or icon corner?

    1. Martin Earle

      I’m really glad you enjoy the statue, though I can’t say it competes with Our Lady of Lincoln! I have made a silicon rubber mould, so it is possible to make casts of the Hodegetria – although, at 3ft (92cm) high, it may be a little large for most home icon corners? Just get in touch if you are interested.

  3. Thank you for your beautifully written article and for its insightfulness. Your statue is very beautiful. I am a newly received Orthodox and have been journeying towards it for 40 years as long as I have been a painter. I am so enjoying the contributions to this Orthodox Arts Journal. Thank you very much

  4. Isa Almisry

    Btw, Fr. Gleason, ordained as a Western Orthodox Priest, serves in Omaha, Illinois, not Nebraska.

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