1. I very much wish I could have been there! I certainly had a lot of friends who were there and said great things.

    Among the great things I heard were kudos for the conductors for services:

    Fr Gregory Ealy – main choir, Vigil
    Larissa Sander, Peter Drobac, & Juliana Woodill – right kliros, vigil
    John Michael Boyer – left kliros, vigil

    Larissa Sander – main choir, greeting of the bishop
    Fr Alexander Petrovsky – main choir, Liturgy
    Peter and Juliana – right kliros, Liturgy

    And then I also heard that Larissa Sander’s presentation to the entire assembly, “How to Sing Beautifully in English”, was outstanding.

    Looking forward to participating in 2018!


  2. James Morgan

    I’m interested in Fr. Sergei’s post-communion music. Is it available, or will it be published?

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