1. Absolutely incredible! Thank you for including so many photographs — being able to see all the details is wonderful. I can’t even imagine painting on such a grand scale, but you’ve done a marvelous job with this!

  2. Very beautiful, Aidan. It’s interesting that you chose to do this in Cassein paint – a medium I rarely hear of for iconographic usage. How do you find it behaves, and under what circumstances do you think it’s the best choice?

    1. Thank you, Andrew. Casein is waterproof and more robust than egg, and therefore it was a common traditional choice of medium for secco, along with animal glue. Many people use acrylic from the tube nowadays, but one is then limited to the pigments that are available off the shelf. Admittedly, one can, like Vladimir Grygorenko has done, use just the acrylic medium and add pigments. With casein, one use whatever pigments one wishes, and mix them in with the casein medium that is made fresh every three or four days. I suppose also I chose casein because I prefer to use natural materials.

      You do have to be careful not to lay up casein too thickly,since it is so strong that might pull off the wall as it dries. Also, painting on a non-absorbent wall one has to be careful of dribbles.

      Casein leaves pigments slightly less saturated than egg, which actually works quite well on a wall since you don’t want colours to shout out loud.

      The next medium I want to try is Keims.

  3. Christine

    Inspiring work. The use of local fauna is a lovely detail that I especially enjoyed. Thank you for including so many images to view.

  4. T. Chan

    Thanks be to God! Well done, Mr. Hart! Thank you for your work!

  5. Rt. Rev. Lawrence [Gosselin]

    Breathtakingly beautiful. I too am interested in your use of cassein paints – plusses, minuses, rationale etc. But, again, thank you for sharing the beauty that God has worked through your hands.

    1. Hello Rev. Lawrence. You can read my reply above to Andrew about casein. There is more detail about secco in my book “Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting”.

  6. Helen Blethyn

    Beautiful results Aidan and team, to change a dead space to a living vibrant one.
    Thankyou for the detailed article and pictures.

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