1. Jonathan,

    I’m writing to you in utter disbelief! Through your recorded talk another story revealed itself. In your very retelling of the “aha” moment that overtakes a person every now and then and reveals an aspect of God, I experienced one myself.

    I’ve been working away at a “Harrowing of Hades” short illustrated book, and as I’m colouring the work I decided to tune in – halfway through your talk you turn your discussion into that very topic.

    I’m probably not expressing the magnitude of this very eloquently, but the fact that I follow your site regularly decided to wait to see this and then watched it while colouring this book on the descent of Christ into hades definitely baffles me. Thank you and thank God!

    1. The world does not unfold randomly, and it is always amazing when that appears so clearly in our own lives.

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