1. Rhonda Dodson

    Beautiful work! Very traditional & yet the unique creativity of the iconographer is very evident.

  2. This work is significant for today. He is truly Byzantine-he employs the light to dark and the hatching, the proper measurements, and yet you can see the classical elements in the draping of the clothing and you can see the modern psychology in the face. Very interesting. I would love to talk with him about this. Any way to contact him?

    1. I think you have captured perfectly what is so fascinating about his work. As for contacting him, it is a bit difficult. This article was supposed to be an interview, but I was going through intermediaries and fr. Ilie was difficult to reach. Hopefully an interview will be coming at some point.

      1. Ah-I see. I look forward to the interview. I hope you can keep sending his work.

  3. Nancy ayers

    This beautiful art is deeply touching, drawing me closer to the love of God. Thank you for sharing these icons.

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