1. Thank you, Andrew, for this insight into what good architecture is capable of encompassing, and blurring the lines a little between the buildings created for church and society. The purity of purpose present in the work made it easier to see the considerations behind what was built (and I especially resonated with what you wrote about the materials you use!). All the best.

  2. Ina

    I want to go to Charleston today, and I rarely drink beer! But your article reminded me of a secular building I was once in west central Russia. The Central Bank of Russia toured us in a bank building built long ago and designed by Bilibin. It looked like a church in many architectural elements. In the lower level they even had non-sacred paintings which he had painted completely in iconographic style. It was absolutely stunning and reminded me so much of ‘church’.

  3. Geoffrey Saur

    This article is very exciting. I am a construction worker–carpentry–and am always heartbroken at how we treat wood and architecture. I am very blessed to work with a contractor that takes exceptional pride in his work, but often times people don’t want to pay for anything more than fix up an old, gorgeous historical home with the cheapest cabinets in Lowe’s. It is frustrating. Heartbreaking, even.

    Our industry can definitely use some redeeming.

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