1. Loved this story. Thanks for going to all the trouble to hunt down the details and relay them!

    1. Oh, yes, that turned up to become a real event! And all just came out just by itself – we did not expect these NY Times correspondents at all, they were among our average guests, visiting church and maybe having some tea/coffe hour afterwards…

      And when in Brock’s letter we read “Houston” the things started to move 🙂

  2. Athanasia

    What a wonderful and amusing story. However, what most interests me is that you could look at the icon and immediately surmise the author! What about the icon told you who did it?

    1. Scott Patrick O'Rourke

      Well, I just so happened to have spent a good amount of time looking at Fr. Andrei’s work which is posted on his Facebook page (linked in the story). Fr. Andrei’s use of light, almost pastel blue and green in the field, or more technically the “light”, behind the figure of the saint was the first hint. Also, Fr. Andrei seems to abstract shapes a bit more than most, which works wonderfully well in creating an icon which is not just a copy of something older, but still within a tradition.

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