1. It is wonderful to hear everything worked out. Congratulations to all in making this possible.

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  3. Thank you, Jonathan, it was exhausting work engaging US Immigration and the State Dept. Special thanks to Ellie Sutter, retired senior foreign diplomat, and Senator Scott Brown for their steadfast assistance. We must start work on your visa now.

    1. You just keep surrounding yourself with foreigners.;) Hopefully diplomatic relations between the US and Canada are a bit smoother… it should just be a question of going through the motions with enough time to spare.

      1. Jonathan, I must correct Ellie Sutter’s title. She is a retired Senior US Diplomat.

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  5. Maria

    Thank you- it is incredible!

  6. Karen Hetherington

    I too have been looking for instruction in this art. It is great to see that something is happening. Well done. I would love to see more pictures of the work done. And more writing on embroidery would be great, too.

  7. Thank you, Karen. You can see many beautiful pieces on Hexaemeron’s website: http://www.hexaemeron.org/#!embroidery-store/c1dhe

    There is wonderful chapter on ecclesiastical embroidery by Warren Woodfin in the companion volume to the 2004 Metropolitan Museum exhibit: Byzantium: Faith and Power

    Evans, Helen C (editor) Byzantium Faith and Power (1261-1557. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art (2004, March 11), pp 295-8: “Liturgical Textiles” by Dr. Warren Woodfin; Queens College, NY.


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