1. John Curran

    Excellent idea to promote Orthodox Art.

    I am interested in your mention of silicate paint; did some research on the term, and understand the usage, but is it readily available for artists? perhaps to be made at home using dry pigments and appropriate binder? Thank you for any help! Joh

  2. There has been a great revival of silicate paints in recent years, and they are now widely used by iconographers who paint walls in both Russia and Greece. Iconographer Vladimir Grygorenko has been instrumental in developing and popularizing the method, and there is a chapter about it in Aidan Hart’s book on icon painting techniques. I recommend it for all the churches I design, and the apse mural in my church in Charleston (Holy Ascension) was painted with silicate paints by Dmitri Shkolnik and Sasha Chornii. The paints are available from Keim Mineral Coatings of America, either as bottled paint concentrates or as binder solution only.

    1. John Curran

      Thank you for the information, Andrew. I have Aidan Hart’s book, will look more closely for details on the paint. Appreciate the source information as well. John

  3. What a pleasure reading this article! Your article gets right to the point of what the OPEN Arts Expo is all about – introducing people to new art forms and organizations, connecting arts organizations with each other, and celebrating the arts in the Lowcountry as a whole! We are proud to have the Orthodox Arts Journal as a member of the Arts Alliance and look forward to continuing to work with you!

  4. Gale

    Mother Katherine WESTON in indianapolis also participated annually in that local arts festival, called Penrod, which is always on the Saturday after Labor Day. She would participate as the local icon-making guild, with demonstrations of icons completed or in process by her and her students and demonstration of icon-painting. It was always well-received, and sometimes new students would enroll years later, remembering what they saw at Penrod. Here in DC, where I now live, there usually is at least one local iconographer at the local ethnic food festivals of the Orthodox churches. Hurray! Great work, one and all!

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