1. They are really beautiful. The matte effect of the paint is very important. The drawing is simple and superb and the painting style is traditional with a slight modern look that is a nice balance. Very good work!

  2. Seraphim O'Keefe

    Thanks, Bob! The encouragement means a lot!

  3. Seraphim,
    Your paintings show an inner radiance that is so beautiful … it seems to bring forth the grace of the individual at the same time it melds all together in a feeling of the underlying faith. So beautiful!

    Lorry Wolfe

    1. Seraphim O'Keefe

      Thanks Grandma! You could not have given a more thoughtful word of encouragement

  4. Fr. Silouan Justiniano

    The murals are looking excellent! I like to see that you’re using different colors for halos, as needed compositionally. The overall execution looks fresh and spontaneous. Looking forward to seeing more as you move on with the rest of the project. I have one technical question: did you transfer scale cartoon drawings onto the walls or did you work the composition directly on the wall?

    1. Seraphim O'Keefe

      Thank you Fr Silouan! It is good to hear this to you. And thanks for your question. Yes, I draw small drawings to scale, and transfer them by eye, usually using a loose grid. In some cases, as especially in the prothesis here, the sketches are very simple and informal; just enough to suggest the basic placement of things. In this case, a lot of the drawing decisions happen as I work on the wall. Other times, I have somewhat more precise drawings, or drawings of particular figures. Even here, I am drawing it anew on the wall, and a lot changes in response to the experience of seeing everything together on the larger scale. I like to do the initial drawing on the wall with the brush attached to a long stick, so that I can see the image as a whole. I am too intimidated to work a composition directly on the wall, where every mistake is so much bigger and harder to correct! Maybe someday? This question seems to me akin to the priests’ question of preparation for sermons.

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