1. Cherie LeClair

    The Church designs are beautiful! i live in Summerville SC. i did not know if you had seen the newly built OCA church in ION, Mount Pleasant. http://www.ocacharleston.org/. i attend in summerville with Father Anastasy. both priests are great. In Christ, Cherie

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Cherie. In fact, I designed the church in Mt. Pleasant eight years ago, and I attend there to this day.

  2. Cherie LeClair

    you did a magnificent job! i know diane bise well and angela. i do not make it there often. i am in MA, now, but will try to come by and say hello when i get back south. congratulations and i pray things go very well for you in Greenville. Hello to Father John.

  3. Stormimay

    I attend St. John’s, and I love it!! I think it is exactly what an Orthodox church in this area should look like. I am so excited! Thank you!

  4. This is good to see. One of the things I got to thinking about as a parallel to the Gorbik Masterclasses and the PaTRAM (Patriarch Tikhon Russian American Music Institute) is a good forum for architects and builders of Orthodox Church edifices. A observation I noted in one building was a very loud Air Conditioning system that intruded upon the sound of the services, the choir and certainly in a recording environment. I am excited to see this new parish built, and to come and see – AND hear it!

    God be with you!

    1. Yes, acoustics is almost the most important thing in an Orthodox church design. (I am a choir director, so I know this very well). Fortunately air conditioning systems are much quieter than they used to be. I put the air handlers over the narthex, then run all the ducts under the floor (so the only vents are floor vents). If the system is well engineered, it is very nearly inaudible.

      Also, of course, it is important that the space be reverberant. Hard strong materials like wood and plaster, combined with a tall voluminous space, will effect good reverberation.

  5. I too am a member at St. John of the Ladder and have enjoyed watching the design as it has fleshed out over the past few years. I can’t wait to see how the finished product compares to the beautiful design!

  6. Benedict Sheehan

    I love the design, Andrew! Maybe you’ve already thought this through, but the diagonal siding of the Polish church in the photo adds a wonderful variety to the exterior. Is there any way to incorporate that into the Greenville design? I’m thinking this might look especially beautiful in the front and transept gables.

  7. Andrew Kinard

    Beautiful. I was immediately reminded of Trinity Church in Antarctica. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_Church_(Antarctica)

  8. matthia

    Hi, I am wondering what kind of extra safety features one needs
    to consider with a wooden Structure that would not be considered with a stone structure?
    thank you…and the other comment about air conditioner…seems to indicate a kind of heating problem or ventilation…what about those

    1. Hi – According to code, virtually any new church that physically can hold over 300 people (absolutely packed) requires a sprinkler system and commercial fire alarm system. A masonry church does not offer much advantage from a code standpoint if the floor or roof is still made of wood. If you are trying to build a skyscraper or shopping mall, these things will be more significant from a code standpoint, but it doesn’t make much difference with a normal-size church.

  9. Amazing. As usual. What comes to mind is really how American this is, not just American but Southern. It is quite amazing how you are able to pull this off without a glitch. We will all be excited to see the actual building. With works like these as our flagship, as I’ve said before, our motto should be “tradition without nostalgia”.

  10. Fr carlton Kelley

    The building is quite beautiful. It is always refreshing to see something new that is well thought out and glorifies God.
    Carlton Kelley+
    St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
    Dowagiac, MI 49047

  11. Georgia Pelinsky

    Andrew, I am also a member of St. John of the Ladder. Your design is beautiful and we are all so excited to have the ground breaking and construction begin. We have attened in Mt. Pleasant and love the church there. Thank you for your hard work to please us!

  12. Looks beautiful! I’m from TN and travel through that area from time to time, so I look forward to checking it out. I am in Eagle River, Alaska at St. John’s Cathedral right now, and I will say wooden Churches are actually the norm in Alaska!
    Check these out:

  13. A lovely design, which reminds me of one of my favorite Eastern Christian communities in North Amercia, St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church in Brampton, Ontario. May its presence in South Carolina serve for the salvation of those who encounter it.

  14. Scott Cantrell

    Andrew, I am also with St John of the Ladder. Thank you for your work on our behalf. We look forward to the day we can stand and worship in this beautiful new building!

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