1. Denise Norman

    SVOTS has a long history of excellent music instruction, and this looks like it will build on that foundation. Iconology is mentioned, but I don’t see iconography or architecture mentioned. This initiative is very incomplete without a roster of master iconographers and architects included, not only to round out the education of future pastors, but to provide in-depth instruction in those disciplines in the degree program.

    1. As far as I can understand from their press releases, this program is not meant to train practicing iconographers or architects. The faculty listed are art historians and theologians, and I believe the intent is to teach these as academic disciplines. The artists in residence are there to be “observed” and to teach occasional masterclasses. They will not be offering a masters degree program in icon painting, for instance. To my knowledge, the only place in the English-speaking world that offers such a program is the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London.

      It is worth noting that some practicing iconographers do hold degrees in theology and art history, and it can be very beneficial for a professional iconographer to study these fields. Iconographer Seraphim O’Keefe attended SVOTS for this very reason. But he had already learned how to paint elsewhere.

      1. Thank you, Andrew — that’s exactly right on all counts.

  2. Hello: This wonderful endeavor is a great follow-up to the original sponsorship by St. Vladimir’s of the first effort. After the opening of the Soviet Union, there became a tremendous interest in authentic Iconography. The Association of Orthodox Iconographers, Architects and Iconologists was formed with Iconographer Fr. Philip Koufos as President. I was blessed to serve as Manager for much of the 1970’s or therabouts. With a succession of Presidents and managers, the Association finally closed or at least went dark. We had almost 500 members at its height: Orthodox, Catholic, Jews, Gentiles, and I am sure our share of Agnostics, who looked at iconography especially as a great potential income-producer. But a core of dedicated Orthodox of all jurisdictions held the group together through many national and regional conferences and workshops. I still have a full set of the Sacred Art Journal which we produced quarterly for many years. If the Institute would like it, it would be blessed to donate it. Subdeacon Phil Tamoush, former Business Manager, Association of Orthodox Iconographers, Architects and Iconologists.

    1. Dear Sbdn Phil, Thank you for your generous words and your immensely thoughtful offer. I’ve just checked the SVS online library catalog and we do seem to have all the issues of the Sacred Art Journal (47 issues). If you were to donate your set to us, we could keep a separate set, in a room dedicated to the arts. But there may be more worthy recipients who don’t have a copy to begin with. Again thank you, and you’ve encouraged me to go back and look through this trove of essays — once our library reopens. Peter Bouteneff

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