1. Nancy Forderhase

    I read an early version of Lowell’s manuscript, and I know that writing this book has been a labor of love and a tribute to Ksenia Pokrovsky’s iconography. The author worked on the book for several years before it was published, and she meticulously describes Pokrovsky’s icons designed for St Andrew Orthodox Church in Lexington, Kentucky as the history of Salvation. The Church IS box-like, and Pokrovsky designed her icons to fit its space. When entering the Sanctuary, one is surrounded and overwhelmed by the beauty of the icons. Serious students of iconography and those who love icons will want a copy of this magnificent book, and if they visit Lexington, they will want to view the icons.

  2. fairuz aweimrin

    Reserve me a signed copy please! Fairuz.

  3. T. Chan

    Thank you for this review!

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