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  2. John B.

    Well written, this obviously goes along with those who do not believe in Satan, that evil doesn’t exist. We explain it away, “he’s nuts”, “he had a rough childhood” etc., it doesn’t mean that an evil person can’t be redeemed, simply that there are indeed evil people in the world, and that Satan and his minions are real, as real as anything else.

    1. Yes, I think you are right that people’s limited vision of existence, and how things can exist in multiple ways is a reason for so much spiritual blindness today. It is not helpful when popular culture makes angels or demons into physical beings, extra-terrestrial or living in “other dimensions” (whatever that means). In the end it comes down to a kind of crass materialism. People are materialists and cannot perceive subtle or spiritual realities. The nous is asleep.

  3. Rambo Stalloney


    Call St. George! A mere radiator does not “properly account for the terrifying experience of monstrosity”!

    1. Clearly it does not, because once he learns that it is a radiator, then the experience of monstrosity goes away. His experience of monstrosity is based in the fact that he does not know what is making that noise, it is strange to him, and that is precisely the point of my article, which is that a monster is the category of the unknown, the strange itself. The same “hissing” could have been a poisonous snake, and since the “elf” is in a foreign land, he does not have the proper categories to engage the world without fear. You have encapsulated my argument quite successfully.

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