1. It is a true joy to know such gargantuan work can still be done. The final result is both translucent and immediate, yet we sense the firm assurance of fr. Patrick’s hand. Looking forward to see the work advancing.

  2. Gale

    Thank you so much for putting together The Orthodox Arts Journal. I really appreciate all the work it entails to collect and to distribute this material. It is important work — both to let the faithful know that these arts are still vibrant and to serve as a forum for artisans for the Church to explore and to share new techniques. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos, and I look forward to hearing more about this project.

  4. John Lake

    What a blessing and pleasure to be able to participate and observe such a humble man as Father Patrick create; our own Andrei Rublev! God bless, Father Patrick and Father Moses!

  5. JohnNicholas Mize

    I am thankful that such artisans still practice this ancient technique to such a high level.
    Does anyone know what the divot in the throat of Christ is? It looks like it may be marking the geometric center of the dome.

    1. Scott Patrick O'Rourke

      Mr. Mize, that is exactly what you are seeing. Fr. Patrick made a point of installing that and leaving it exposed when the dome was originally plastered. From it, they tie a string in order to draw/paint perfectly concentric circles in the dome, for borders and for proper spacing.

  6. Theo

    Please allow me to use the correct theological terminology to summarise my thoughts on the above work of Fr Patrick….WOWWWWWWW!!!!…… I pray that the Lord continues to bless him in his sacred work and also to bless you all of the Orthodox Arts Journal community.

  7. Lorraine Doolan


  8. Dorothy Bishop

    Thank you for the beautiful work that you do. Your Mum sends me the updates that you do and they are just a work of real art and your love of the church.

  9. Absolutely beautiful, and wonderful to see the scale of Fr. Patrick’s thoughtful, skilled work.

  10. Mary Cousineau Kiley

    Amazing job being done by true artists. I look forward to your future postings and the end result. Many blessings to Father Patrick and Father Moses.

  11. Jeannette Dube-Pomer

    The dictionary holds no words that can eloquently express how talented and devoted Fr. Patrick is! Aren’t we privileged to witness his work in a time when so few cling to the production of masterpieces as such these…..God Bless Him!!

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