1. Alexander Lynch

    Jonathan, outstanding icon! Would please you link to or post a high resolution version?

    1. High res is only used for printing

      If you do want to get a detailed print of my drawing, it is nonetheless possible.


  2. This is wonderful!
    It seems that there should be more.
    Adam and Eve instead of being separated placed together on the right, hard shore, lower goat corner), while on the left they are entering the heavenly (church) door, held open by an angel, (again falling and rising).
    At the top of the icon, on a throne in Glory, the Risen Lord, with the circles of the creation ( – Eighth Day) circling, flowing, out from His Throne. The Resurrection shown as the culmination of the entire process.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    In Jesus Christ- Claire Brandenburg

  3. From Claire Brandenburg- re previous reply:
    More-Christ should be admitting Adam and Eve to the ”Church/ Heavenly door on left.

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