1. I had the joy and honor of publishing about 15 books on classical and contemporary iconography back in the 1970’s under my publisher name of Oakwood Publications. These included an authorized reprinting the Painters Manual of Dionysius of Fourna, and the Iconography Patternbook in the Stroganov Tradition and others. Most still available from places like St. Vladimir’s Seminary and Amazon. But watch out for the price gouging from Amazon! Used copies are usually available.

    1. Dear Mr Tamoush do you have any information about Paul Hetherington (eg. is he alive, if yes how could I have a contact with him). That would help me in my research about St Petersburg’s CG708 the manuscript on which is based his translation in English. Thanking you in advance! Dimosthenis Avramidis / Associate Professor-Art and Technique of Mural and Icon Painting / Athens School of Fine Arts

  2. This makes a lot of sense. The natural need to communicate and to understanding will keep us grounded. If we visually/artistically try to communicate via arcane systems of meaning, we are hardly communicating at all. Rather we are laying a puzzle before our viewers, which they may or may not have the tools to decipher. In the best case, understanding may be achieved intellectually by the viewer, but not without a loss of salvific beauty and clarity. I think there is a strong parallel here to how we approach adapting Church music in missionary contexts as well.

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